A collective of neighbors and citizens concerned about industrial polluters, namely Precision Castparts Corp. NYSE: PCP

Arsenic, nickel, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PCBs, styrene and other heavy metals are toxic to humans.

And they are being used by our industrial neighbors - Precision Castparts  (NYSE:PCP) and McClure Industries. Industrial pollution, including heavy metals, can have serious impacts on health, including asthma, cancer and organ damage.

We have heard many personal accounts from neighbors during public meetings who have difficulty breathing at times when Precision and McClure are in production. One resident near Precision described chronic health problems that were the result of nickel exposure. While many who have pursued testing have fallen below Oregon Health Authority thresholds, we do know of adults and children living around Precision that have tested in the 95th percent for cadmium and 90th percent for arsenic in their urine.

Given Oregon’s low investment in air-quality monitoring, DEQ air tests are few and narrow in scope. Oregon Health Authority and Multnomah County Health Department have provided some guidance for assessing your exposure to certain airborne toxics and making health decisions for yourself and your family.

But many are dissatisfied with the information provided by regulatory and public health officials, whether because it is light on detail, at odds with advice from other health professionals, or focused on health risks related to only a portion of recently uncovered air contaminants and sources.

We continue to work to demand better testing and analysis. You can too. Come join us.

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