A collective of neighbors and citizens concerned about industrial polluters, namely Precision Castparts Corp. NYSE: PCP

It's past time to do something about the toxic hotspots that are the result of industrial pollution. 

Large parts of south SE Portland and Milwaukie have been identified to have arsenic and nickel toxic hotspots—both known carcinogens. According to 2010 census records, approximately 10,000-12,000 people live in the nickel hotspot. Industrial polluters in the area include Precision Castparts' Large Parts Campus (NYSE:PCP) and McClure Industries.

It turns out these two airborne carcinogens identified by a US Forest Service moss study are just the start. There's at least a dozen more highly toxic compounds that were found in the storm drain that serves Precision and feeds Johnson Creek. 

Precision in particular has a longstanding reputation as a polluter. And although the company says that it is adding pollution controls, we believe it's important to have this validated and reviewed by a third-party expert that can verify that the company is doing all it can to mitigate health impacts for its employees, its neighbors and the environment. It's the polluter that bears the burden of proof.

Currently, a national environmental law firm is investing Precision. If you believe that you may have been affected by pollution from Precision's facilities (including your property or your business), please contact Keller Rohrback directly.

Fact sheet on Precision Castparts as an industrial polluter.

Fact sheet on McClure Industries as an industrial polluter.

DEQ permit history of Precision Castparts and McClure Industries.

It appears that this multi-billion dollar company has decided to use the homes, gardens, and yards in Portland neighborhoods around their facilities as their own dump. Precision Castparts Corp has put Portlanders at unnecessary risk, and regulators have not done enough to protect the public.
— Daniel Menacer, Attorney at Keller Rohrback
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